Accident and Injuries To Pupils Policy


Accident and Injuries to Pupils Policy.

Introductory Statement 

This Policy was formulated by the Staff of St. Joseph’s N.S.; Seamus Tiernan, Breege Egan, Ceri  Gooheen and Marian Egan; on a school planning day on December 9th 2005.


The Accident and Injuries to Pupils Policy is prioritised as it is an important part of the overall Safety Statement for our school.

Aims of Policy

    • To provide a clear Plan of Action for dealing with an accident or injury, whether minor or serious, which may arise during school hours.
    • To ensure that staff and parents are aware of the accident and injury procedures in place in the school and their respective responsibilities in those circumstances.


Procedures for dealing with Accidents and Emergencies during School Hours


  •  Pupils are supervised by the teaching staff during school hours, from 9.20 a.m. to 3 p.m.


  •  If a child is unwell or is involved in a minor accident during school hours the teacher will assess the seriousness of the situation and :


    • Administer First Aid
    • Contact Parents/Guardians if necessary
    • The incident will be recorded in the Accident/Incident Report Book and Parents/Guardians will be informed by written report, sent home with the pupil after school.
    • In the event of a serious accident during school hours the following  procedures will apply:
      • The teacher on duty will send an older pupil to alert another  member of the teaching staff.
      • The other pupils will be removed from the scene.
      • The two teachers will jointly assess the situation.







  • If the injury is deemed to be less serious the pupil will be taken to the staffroom for First   Aid, reassured and made comfortable while Parent/ Guardians are notified. In the event of parents/ guardians not being available medical attention will be sought.
  • If the injury is deemed to be serious the pupil will not be  moved. He/She will be covered with a blanket and made comfortable. One teacher will remain at the scene to reassure the injured pupil while the other teacher will summon the parents/guardian and medical attention.



Roles and Responsibilities


Principal:- To co-ordinate the implementation of the Policy on a whole school basis.

– To furnish school board and parents with copy of the Policy.


Teachers:- to ensure that this information is collated, easily accessible and continually updated in accordance with information supplied by the parents.


Parents:  – It will be the responsibility of parents to provide the school with contact persons and telephone numbers, written consent, information on allergies/health conditions and other relevant information to facilitate the development and operation of an effective Accident and Emergency Policy and to constantly update this information as necessary.


B.O.M:   –    The Board of Management will have responsibility for:

  • Approving this Policy.
  • Taking all reasonable steps to ensure that school buildings and grounds are in good repair in    order to minimise risk of accidents and provide for the safety of pupils and staff.
  • Providing support for the teaching staff in the operation of this Policy.