School Policy for Administering Medication

School Policy for Administering Medication


Introductory Statement

This policy was formulated by the staff of St. Joseph’s N.S. in September 2004 as an important element of the overall safety in our school.


Aims of the policy

  • To provide a clear plan of action for dealing with the taking and administering of medication which may arise during school hours.
  • To ensure that staff, parents and pupils are aware of the procedures in place in the school and their respective responsibilities with regard to the taking and administering of medication during school hours.


Procedure for the taking and Administering of Medication


It is the policy of the school that the use or possession of medication by pupils during school hours is strictly forbidden except in exceptional circumstances and with the authorisation of the Board of Management.


On occasions where pupils require medication during school hours on a short term basis, they should remain at home for the duration of the course of medication and such medication should not be brought to school for pupils to administer to themselves.


Where pupils require medication on an on going basis and have doctor’s approval to attend school the following rules will apply:


The parents/guardians of the pupils concerned should write to the Board of Management requesting the Board to authorise a teacher to administer the medication.


The request should also contain exact details of medication to be used as well as written instructions of the procedure to be followed in administering the medication.



The Board of Management, having considered the matter, may authorise a teacher(s) to administer medication to such pupils or to supervise the administration.


All medicines will be kept in a locked press in the staffroom with the exception of inhalers for asthma.



A special indemnity form must be filled out by the parents/guardians in respect of any liability that may arise regarding the administration of medication.




Roles and responsibilities:


1.The Role of The Parents.

Parents will comply with rules as outlined above regarding the administering of medication and will inform the school authorities about any medical conditions allergies etc. likely to be of concern.


  1. The Role of The Board of Management.
  • The Board will assess written requests from Parents/Guardians for medication to be administered during school hours and may or may not authorise same.
  • The Board will ensure that an indemnity form is completed before administering of medication can commence.
  • They will consult with teaching staff re the administering of medication.
  • They will review the policy on an ongoing basis and update if necessary.


  1. The Role of The Staff.


  • The teaching staff will ensure that the policy is complied with in their individual classrooms and inform the Principal of any difficulties that arise.
  • All teaching staff in the school will be made aware of pupils medical conditions allergies etc. likely to be of concern and also of written instructions regarding the administering of medication to individual pupils.
  • In administering medication to pupils, teachers will exercise the standard of care of a reasonable and prudent parent.
  • Teaching staff may not be compelled to administer medication.


  1. The Role of The Principal.


  • The Principal will ensure that the Policy is complied with in the school as a whole and act on behalf of the Board of Management in its day to day implementation.
  • The Principal will also ensure that provision is made for the administering of medication in the event of a class teacher being absent.





THIS INDEMNITY made the ____day of   _________ 200_ BETWEEN (lawful father and mother of )__________________________.


(Hereinafter called “the parents”) of the One Part AND for and on behalf of the Board of Management of  St. Joseph’s National School situate at  Aughavas

in the County of Leitrim                 (hereinafter called “the Board”) of the Other Part. WHEREAS:

1 The parents are respectively the lawful father and mother of _________________________, a pupil of the above school.

  1. The pupil suffers on an on-going basis from the condition known as ______________________.

The pupil  while attending the said school, may require, in emergency circumstances, the administration of medication, viz ____________________________________________________.

  1. The parents have asked that the said medication may, in emergency circumstances, be administered by the said pupil’s classroom teacher and/or such other member of staff of the said school as may be designated from time to time by the Board.
  2. NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED by and between the parties hereto as follows:
  3. a) In consideration of the Board entering into the within Agreement, the parents, as the lawful father and mother respectively of the said pupil HEREBY AGREE to indemnify and keep indemnified the Board, its servants and agents including without prejudice to the generality the said pupil’s class teacher and/or the Principal of the said school from and against all claims, both present and future, arising from the administration or failure to administer the said medicines.


IN WITNESS whereof the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first herein WRITTEN.

SIGNED AND SEALED by the parents in the presence of.



SIGNED AND SEALED by the said in the presence of.