Gardening with Wayne

15th September 2017

  • watering in the polytunnel
  • digging potatoes
  • harvesting leeks
  • harvesting beetroot
  • weeding, watering and planting parsley in the polytunnel
  • pulling pink tree spinach in the polytunnel

5th October 2017

  • harvesting leeks in bed 6 and then weeding bed 6
  • weeding bed 4 and 5
  • weeding in the polytunnel
  • harvesting tomatoes in the polytunnel
  • planting onions in bed 3
  • devil’s ear lettuce being planted in the polytunnel – middle bed
  • shinkeinu japanese over wintering onions
  • beetroot in left bed in polytunnel – separate seedlings
  • quinoa sprinkled in polytunnel to kill red ants

20th October 2017

  • weeding in beds 2,3,4,5,6,7
  • watering in polytunnel
  • weeding around beetroot
  • weeding leeks
  • planting mustard
  • putting weeds in compost
  • weeding bed 3 except for 3 brussels sprouts and 1 kale
  • in pollytunnel on the right side of T2 is mangetout pea winterkefe
  • on the left of T2 is amsterdam forcing carrot
  • we planted 6 peas and 3 rows of carrots

16th November 2017

  • weeding chickweed and ragworth because the chickweed takes the nitrogen out of the soil and the ragworth is poisonous for animals
  • weeding in the polytunnel
  • T1 is growing beetroot and mustard
  • T2 has strawberry and salad leaves
  • T3 has chard, leeks and broccoli
  • T4 has onions, salad leaves and parsley
  • there is no sign of red ants so it looks like the quinoa is working
  • Leaves were raked and put into the compost
  • watering cans need to be left full in the polytunnel
  • chard has been harvested to bring home and cook


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