School Shop

Maths/ Enterprise Project

We, the pupils of 6th Class, have recently set up a shop within our school as part of an Enterprise Project. We were first divided into different groups, each with different roles. Our Market Research Team initially carried out research to find out whether there was a need for a shop and to identify our target market. Once the need was established, we set up our shop with a total of nine investors- eight pupils and our teacher.

Our Purchasing Team rang many suppliers to try and obtain the most suitable supplier. We had lots of fun haggling and bargaining to get the best discount! Once our suppliers were secured, the Pricing and Accounts Team drew up our first order. They calculated the cost price, the selling price and subsequently and most importantly our profit margins!

Our teacher then purchased our first line up of stock, which included pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, pens, rulers, copies, math sets and pencil grips. The Merchandising Team prepared the shop making it very attractive for all our prospective buyers.

Our shop launched on Wednesday, the 13th of December.  It was a great success and continues to be. Our Advertising Team did a great job promoting the shop around the school and they continue to develop new promotion strategies to entice new customers.

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