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School Policies  – St. Joseph’s National School


School Name: St. Joseph’s N.S.

 School Address: Aughavas, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim.

 Phone: 071 9636326.





St. Joseph’s National School is a three teacher school in a rural setting with a shared Resource/Learning Support teacher based in our school. Current enrolment is 65 pupils comprising both boys and girls.

The principal, Mr. Seamus Tiernan teaches 4th, 5th and 6th classes, Ms Breege Egan teaches 2nd  and 3rd classes, Ms. Marian Crinnigan teaches Junior and Senior infants and 1st classes. Our Learning Support teacher is Ms. Ceri Gooheen and our Resource teacher is Ms.Margaret Rowley.

St. Joseph’s N.S. has been chosen as a DEIS school  (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools). This involves drawing up an action plan which aims to ensure that the educational needs of disadvantaged children in our school are prioritised and effectively addressed under the headings of Literacy, Numeracy, Attendance and Parental involvement.

We have the services of a secretary, Rosaleen Dillon, whose post is shared with one other school, on two days per week basis throughout the school year. We also employ a cleaner for nine hours per week.


Subjects taught:

The following table outlines the subjects taught in our school and the D.E.S. guidelines for the time allocated to each.


Primary School Curriculum: TimeAllocation


  Full Day Short Day(infant classes) 
Curriculum areas One Week One Week
  Hours Minutes Hours Minutes
Secular instruction        
English 5 00 4 00
Gaeilge 3 30 2 30
Mathematics 4 10 3 25
SESE (Integrating Literacy & 3 00 1 45
SPHE     Numeracy) 0 30 0 30
PE 1 00 1 00
Art education 3 00 2 30
 Total secular instruction 20 10 15 40
Religious education (typically) 2 30 2 30
Assembly time 1 30 1 00
Roll call 0 50 0 50
Breaks 0 50 0 50
Recreation (typically) 2 30 2 30
Total           28 20 23 20

 Opening and closing times

The school opens to receive pupils at 9.20 a.m. No responsibility is accepted for pupils arriving before that time and no supervision is provided. Classes commence each day at 9.20 a.m. No pupils should arrive later than 9.20 a.m.


Classes end each day at 3.00 p.m. Parents who wish to have their children escorted home should make their own arrangements to have them met at the school gate and the person to escort them should be at the school not later than 3.00 p.m. as the school cannot accept responsibility for looking after the children after that time.


School books

The school operates a book rental scheme where for an annual payment currently of €40 each pupil receives their school textbooks, workbooks, standardised tests etc each year. Books are expected to be returned in good condition at the end of each school year.

The school uniform is Navy Blue (see Code of Behaviour and Discipline).


Extra Curricular activities.

The school takes part in a number of extra curricular activities namely:

  • Cumann na mBunscol games.
  • Scór concerts.
  • Hallelujah Concert.
  • Community games draughts
  • Green school flag ( currently on the theme of global citizenship).
  • Parish concert.


St. Joseph’s National School’s Mission Statement

 Through both the education programme in our school and the process by which it is imparted, each child will achieve his/her full potential in all curricular areas to equip them to advance with confidence, self esteem and enthusiasm into the second level education cycle and to provide them with the necessary skills and talents to equip them to deal with life in general. Our school encourages inclusivity and equality in accordance with our policy on equality.

 St. Joseph’s National School’s Ethos (or ‘Characteristic Spirit’)

Our school’s ethos is established and sustained by those repeated practices and traditions, by the beliefs and attitudes promoted and by the goals aspired to by our school community resulting from interaction involving the Patron, Trustees, Board of Management, Principal teacher, Staff, Parents and Pupils


The following characteristics form the general ethos experienced and promoted by the school community:

  • As a formal agent of education within the Catholic community, the school models and transmits a philosophy of life inspired by belief in God and in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • The policies, practices and attitudes of the school are inspired by Gospel values.
  • Christ, as the source of those values, is a familiar and attractive reality for the teachers and pupils.
  • Mary, the strong woman of the Gospels, is admired as the exemplar of the values.
  • The school aims at promoting the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the person of the pupil, including his/her relationship with God, with other people and with the environment.
  • Religious education is provided for the pupils in accordance with the doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church.
  • Prayer is a feature of the school day.
  • The pupils are prepared for the reception of the Sacraments of First Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation in accordance with arrangements in the diocese.
  • The liturgical seasons are part of the rhythm of the school year.
  • The children are given opportunities to participate in liturgical celebrations arranged by the school.
  • The school identifies itself with Aughavas parish, working closely with the local priest Fr. Tiernan who visits the school frequently .
  • The pupils are encouraged to participate in parish activities appropriate to their age.
  • The school aims at fostering a sense of community between management, teachers, parents and pupils, and a sense of insertion into the wider community of the parish. Gradually, pupils acquire a sense of the Universal Church whose concern extends to all peoples.
  • The principal teacher and teachers aim at making the school a centre of excellence in which high professional standards are maintained and where pupils learn in a safe and happy environment.
  • A spirit of mutual respect is promoted within the school community. Pupils are drawn by example and teaching to appreciate and respect people of different religious affiliations and of different nationalities.
  • The school’s code of discipline reflects the Christian values promoted within the school, with an emphasis on forgiveness, reconciliation, new beginnings and hope. Teachers are sensitive to the needs and particular circumstances of the pupils.
  • The school recognises the dignity and value of each person made in the image and likeness of God. This is reflected in the organisation of the school and our policies.
  • Close contact is maintained between the school and the home. Parents and teachers support one another and collaborate with one another as partners in leading the young pupils to the fullness of their potential at the different stages.
  • Teachers are encouraged to develop their personal and professional talents through which they glorify God and serve those young people in whose education they play such a significant role.
  • Ancillary staff in a school are highly esteemed and respected. It is recognised that their work makes a valued contribution to the process of education.
  • A positive ethos, while intangible, is nonetheless recognised and appreciated as supportive and enlivening to those who learn and those who work in the school.


School Organisational Policies:

The following policies developed in accordance with current legislation, DES guidelines and what we consider to be best practice help in the effective administration of our school and are included for your information.

  1. Code of Behaviour and Discipline.
  2. Enrolment policy.
  3. Homework policy
  4. Accident and Injury To Pupil Policy
  5. Administration of Medicine Policy
  6. Anti Bullying policy
  7. Substance Abuse policy.
  8. Social Personal and Health Education Policy.
  9. Relationship and Sexuality Education Policy
  10. Acceptable Use Policy (Internet).