Senior Room

The senior room teacher and Principal is Mr Seamus Tiernan. The classes in the senior room are fifth class and sixth class.


Computer Coding


Presentation of projects




Cumann na mBunscol Table Quiz Team Runners Up


Cumann na mBunscol Hurling Initiative

Our school has been selected to take part in the new Cumann na mBunscol Hurling six-week workshop Initiative. Hurling equipment has been given to our school free of charge along with easy-to-follow drills for a period of six weeks. This will give students in our school a chance to try hurling, develop their skills, and play blitzes – all without the expense of buying a helmet or hurl.

At the end of the six weeks a hurling blitz will be organised locally and our school will attend.

See pictures below of the children in the senior room trying out the new hurling equipment.



Energy and Electricity.

On the 20th of Aril 2015 a lady called Niamh Connor from Leitrim County Council came to our school to talk to senior room pupils about energy and electricity. She started off by  asking us to introduce ourselves.  Then we watched a video about energy. In the video we learned that a generator is something that makes or generates electricity. It is made up of a magnet with copper coils of wire inside. The magnet turns inside the coil of wire to produce  electricity.

Then we split into teams of four and had a quiz. Afterwards we watched another piece of the video. It taught us about different sources of energy. We learned that there are two types of energy sources renewable and non renewable. Fossil fuels are  non renewable . Examples of fossil fuels are coal , oil and turf. They are made up of mostly dead plants and some dead animals compressed underground over many many years. Then we talked about wind turbines. There are 176 wind farms in Ireland.  We discovered that a turbine can spin faster or slower depending on what way the propellers are tilted. When the wind spins the turbine this generates electricity.

Then in our groups we made our own wind turbines. The materials supplied were card, straws, mini straws, paper plates, narrow rubber tubes and sellotape.  In order for the turbine to spin properly we had to tilt the blades.  A group  consisting of Conor, Mark, Luke, Adam and Declan made the best wind turbine.  At the end they gave a presentation on how they made their turbine.

By Celine Shortt and Laura Farrelly.



The school concert 2014


Our school concert was on the 17th of December. We did plays for our parents. The senior room play was about World War 1. It is about two boys going to war. They leave Ireland and go to France to fight in World War 1. One of the boys, called Tommy, refused to fight so he was sentenced to be executed by firing squad at dawn. He is thinking back over his young life awaiting his execution.

The middle room play was about two curious sheep. The curious sheep felt like something was going to happen so he could not get to sleep. Near the end the curious sheep found the baby Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem.

The little room play was about a little gift for the baby Jesus. The baby Jesus would not stop crying so the messenger went out looking for people to make the baby Jesus stop crying but he would not stop crying. Then the messenger found a little girl and she gave Jesus a kiss and the baby Jesus stopped crying. At the end of the day there were refreshments. We all enjoyed our Christmas concert very much.


By Conor Canning & Mark Kearney


The Christmas Shoebox Appeal


Each year St Joseph’s N.S. take part in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal . We watched a DVD with the teachers on the shoebox appeal to learn more about it. Ms Gooheen explained it to us and answered our questions. Last year 2014 St. Josephs N.S took part also. We made up 81 shoeboxes in total. We had to wrap the shoe box with Christmas paper and put little presents into it. First you had to pick a girl or a boy to make it for them and you had to pick what age such as 2-4 yrs, 5-9yrs or 10-14yrs.  We take part in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal each year and are delighted that these little boxes can bring jo,y happiness and hope to children in countries all across Africa and Eastern Europe. Children from all of the following countries have received shoe box gifts.

Eastern Europe



We also did research projects on these countries to find out more about them.



by Orla McKiernan and Laura McIntyre



Hallelujah concert

On Thursday the 4th of December 2014 our school took part in the Hallelujah concert in the city west hotel in Dublin. There were many schools taking part in the concert as well as us. We had a conductor and her name was Bernie Sherlock. The Young Voices band helped us out with their great music. The musical director was called Seamus Brett and our host was Diana Bunici. We sang multiple songs including Family Film Fun, Pop Medley, Weather medley, Spanish lady, Mr Blue Sky, and lots more.

There were multiple acts on the day such as The Billy Barry dancers, Clíodhna Regan, Tabby Callaghan, Seo Linn and Hometown.  There were over forty schools participating on the day along with us. The concert was on for four days and there were over one hundred and eighty schools and almost three thousand children taking part.

It is a great opportunity for the pupils here at St. Joseph’s national school to take part in this memorable event. We left from St Joseph’s school Aughavas at 9.30 in the morning. We stopped on the way to Dublin at Applegreen for something to eat. We had a rehearsal at three o’clock which was before the concert. The concert began at 7 p.m. and was over at 9 o clock. It was half past eleven when we finally arrived back to Aughavas very tired but delighted with our day. We are really looking forward to the next Hallelujah concert.



By    Éadaoin Casey  Rachel McIntyre & Aoibhe McCabe.



Cumann na mBunscol  Girls League.

This year, once again, we are taking part in the girls Cumann na mBunscol gaelic football competition.

Last year we were in Division 2. We got to the final. We played against Drumlease N.S. but unfortunately we lost.

We are in division 1(11-side) this time. The other teams in this division are Mohill N.S, Drumcong N.S, Drumshanbo N.S. and Ballinamore GNS.

Our first match is on Thursday the 16th of April at 6:30pm in Aughavas. We are playing against Drumshanbo. Hopefully we will get to the finals!


Girls mini sevens!

Every year the senior room girls of St. Joseph’s N.S take part in the girls Cumann na mBunscol Mini Sevens. This school year’s competition took place on Tuesday the 7th of October 2014 at 10:30am in Mohill. The teams that took part were Gortletteragh, Aughavas, Aughawillan, Carrigallen, Drumlea and Mohill. We played against Gortletteragh, Aughawillan and Drumlea. We won all those matches. Next we reached the finals. The finals were on Thursday the 16th of October in Pairc Seain at 10:30am. We played against Gaelscoil Liatroma, Ballinamore and Manorhamilton. We beat Gaelscoil Liatroma and Ballinamore but we lost against Manorhamilton. Manorhamilton won the final. Altogether we had fun and we know it is not all about winning.


By Laura Farrelly, Kaitlyn Cowdell and Celine Shortt



School Games:

We play a lot of different games at school such as soccer, hockey, catch, rounders and Gaelic football. Everyone likes to play a game at break time. The middle room play soccer on the pitch at little break and the big room play soccer at big break. There is a soft play area for the little room to play on so they can’t get hurt. When the weather is dry we can play Gaelic football on the pitch at the back of the school. During wet breaks we play Board games such as Draughts, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders and Scrabble.


By Cathal Mc Namara and Fiachra Casey.



Scór Na mBunscol

Scór na mBunscol is a competition where  we all take part in doing activities such as singing, dancing, recitations and a quiz. This year we are taking part in many different events. Fifth class girls are singing Ireland’s Call, Aoibhe Kearney is solo dancing,  Erin Morris  is reciting a poem called Digging by Séamus Heaney.   Lots of children  are doing set dancing. There are a lot of schools from all over the county taking part. We really enjoy taking part in Scór

By Hannah Canning  and Chloe Flynn.



Last year   in October our school organized swimming for 2nd class up to 6th class. We go to Riversdale in Ballinamore each Tuesday for the swimming. Two groups go for 45 minutes each. We go on a bus from the school. Our bus driver was called Tommy Mc Weeney.

Our instructor was Breege Scott  and our teacher Mr Tiernan.  We did front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke inverted  breast stroke,  side stroke and  dives.  We had a test on the last week on all  of our strokes. Two parents  come in to supervise for each session.   Swimming was a great experience this year and we are looking forward to receiving our swimming certificates on a special awards presentation day at the end of the year.



Parish Concert

Every year St Joseph’s N.S Aughavas takes part in the Parish concert. The senior room always perform a play for the Parish of Aughavas. The pupils from second class to sixth class do gymnastics which is organised by Mrs Egan. Some of the adults from the parish also perform a play. There are usually Irish dancers young and old who dance Sean Nós, set and figure dancing. Michael and Declan McNamara get a group of children and pupils from the school to play tin whistle tunes and they also have a tin whistle practise every Friday.

Martin Kenny acts as M.C. on the night, also at the end of the night there is a raffle. There are always gifts, sweets, wine, plants etc to be won.

Pauline McKiernan helps to run the shop at the back of the hall. You can purchase sweets, minerals etc.

Every year we look forward to performing in the concert. This year’s concert will take place on Friday the 13th of March 2015.

This is the list of things that we will be doing.

  • The pupils from 4th to 6th class will perform a play called “Time to Say Goodbye,”  which is set in the time of world war 1.
  • The pupils from 2nd to 6th class will perform Gymnastics.
  • Some of the pupils from the school will perform some Irish Dancing.
  • The pupils from the whole school will be singing some of our Hallelujah songs from 2014.

By  Erin Morris and Claire Kenny